$607,000 Discrimination Settlement

In 2013, Josh Gruenberg represented Ms. Doe, a 56-year-old woman who worked for Roe Employer for approximately 20 years.  Beginning in late 2011, Ms. Doe was subjected to discriminating, dismissive and condescending behavior by her new manager.  Ms. Doe’s manager removed her from decision making opportunities and greatly reduced her role.  He paid more attention and provided additional opportunities to younger male employees.  The manager also spoke with Ms. Doe about a “restructure,” which would conveniently do away with her important duties.

Ms. Doe complained to HR.  Following her complaints, however, Ms. Doe learned Roe Employer planned to bring in a younger, male employee to take over many of her responsibilities.

In early 2013, Ms. Doe presented a complaint to in-house counsel alleging gender and age discrimination, retaliation and failure to prevent discrimination under the Fair Employment and Housing Act.  Ms. Doe alleged that her gender and age caused her manager to discriminate against her. After two months of aggressive negotiations, we obtained a settlement for $607,000.

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