No one is better at proving retaliation than the attorneys at Gruenberg Law.  We take great pride in our extensive understanding of the laws that govern how employers treat their employees.  With careful and thoughtful consideration, we’ll take an individualized approach to your case and explore all your options.  We’ll ensure you recover as much money as the law provides for your lost wages and emotional harm.  We may also be able to hold your employer responsible for punitive damages.

Helping You Hold Employers Responsible For Their Acts of Retaliation

Retaliation occurs when an employer takes some type of adverse action against an employee after the employee has engaged in a type of behavior or action that displeases the employer. In some situations, the actions of the employer may be completely legal, but, in other cases, the employee may be eligible to recover compensation due to the employer’s unlawful acts.

Standing Up For the Rights of Employees

Many of our employment law cases also include a retaliation element. Retaliation often convinces a jury or arbitrator that management knew their actions were wrong and retaliated against those who reported the actions. Results have shown that employers, even in court, often refuse to address and even ignore the concerns of employees who were harmed by discrimination and retaliation.

Employer retaliation can take many forms

When Josh Gruenberg and his team present a claim of retaliation, very often the first element is demonstrating that the client had every capability needed for the job.  Factors may include background, experience and above average performance reviews. Then everything changed. This employee was now subjected to harassment at work and a hostile work environment. There may be no raise, no bonus, and no promotion. There may have been a retaliatory discharge.

When did this change toward the employee begin? It started with the employee’s involvement in an employment law claim against the employer. To discuss a case of employer retaliation, contact us. We have represented clients in San Diego for over 25 years.