$525,000 Sexual Harassment Settlement

San Diego Employment Law Attorney Josh Gruenberg,  represented a 26 year old woman in a sexual harassment case against her former employer and manager.  Josh’s client had written a detailed letter to the owner of the company complaining about the repeated incidents of harassment.  The harassment included the manager putting his hand on Ms. Doe’s breast, asking about Ms. Doe’s sex life, relations with other men and joking that he wanted to shave Ms. Doe’s bikini area.  Upon receipt of Ms. Doe’s letter the owner of the company took no action against the perpetrator and told Ms. Doe he did not think she’d be happy continuing to work for the company.  He told her he’d be happy to give her a good recommendation.  Josh Gruenberg sued the company and the offending manager.  After litigating the case very aggressively for several months, the defendants agreed to pay Ms. Doe $525,000.