$331,788 Verdict on Unpaid Commissions

San Diego Employment Law Attorney Josh Gruenberg represented Annie Sciborski in her lawsuit against AT&T dba Pacific Bell Directory.  ATT was represented by Michael Sullivan of Paul, Plevin, Sullivan and Connaughton.  Ms. Sciborski was an advertising sales representative.  She was assigned an account by her supervisors.  She devoted time and energy to working the account and ultimately sold the account $120,000 worth of advertising generating a $36,000 commission.  Defendant ATT paid the commission and then told Ms. Sciborski the account was assigned to her “in error” and demanded she repay the commission.  She refused and ATT then wrongfully and illegally deducted money from pay check.

The case went to a 12 person jury trial before Hon.  Fred Link of the San Diego Superior Court.  The jury returned a verdict of $36,000 for Ms. Sciborski.  Judge Link then made ATT pay Gruenberg his attorney’s fees in the amount of $291,151, plus interest, plus costs of $4,637 for a total judgment against ATT in the amount of $331,788.

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