$1.5 Million Sexual Harassment Settlement

San Diego Employment Law Attorney Josh Gruenberg represented a woman in her claim against her employer, a prominent international professional service corporation.  The woman’s employment began in 2003.  Soon after her employment began, the woman was sexually harassed by her manager.  The woman opposed the harassment and advances.  However, afraid to “rock the boat,” and hoping the man would simply lose interest, the woman did not complain to anyone other than the harasser.

Later in the woman’s employment, her supervisor hired a new female employee.  At the time this new female employee was hired, the supervisor turned his sexual attention towards the new female.  Thereafter, the supervisor began giving preferential treatment to the new female.  In turn, Attorney Gruenberg’s client began receiving far less preferential treatment.  This began to affect the woman’s professional career and income, in that her supervisor influenced her employer to wrongfully deny her annual discretionary bonus.  However, the employer never terminated the woman’s employment.

Attorney Gruenberg prepared a draft suit and provided it to the employer.  Attorney Gruenberg mediated the case prior to filing the lawsuit.  After refusing to take the mediator’s proposal of $1,000,000, Attorney Gruenberg settled the case with the employer’s attorneys for approximately $1.5 million.