Wage Theft

If you work, you deserve the wages you earned—pure and simple!  We have won numerous cases against employers who have not paid their employees in accordance with the law.  Allow us to hold your employer responsible for all the remainder due to you under the law.

The wage and hour dispute lawyers at Gruenberg Law in San Diego have an extensive understanding of the labor codes and employment laws that govern the way employers treat employees. Our firm represents clients who have experienced some or all of the below-listed wage and hour issues:

  • Not paid the appropriate overtime
  • Misclassified as an exempt employee when they are actually non-exempt
  • Not being given meal or rest breaks
  • Asked to falsify time records
  • Compelled or pressured to work after hours, on their own time, off the clock
  • Terminated after requesting proper pay or contacting the labor board

Even if you believe your case is small, there may be other employees that work for your company that have similar wage issues.  In that situation, we may be able to present your case as a class action. Contact us to discuss your potential wage claim.