Product Liability

When the choice is between cutting costs and risking the safety of consumers, many manufacturers and retailers make the wrong choice. The result is that innocent people can be injured by dangerous or defective products.

At Gruenberg Law, our attorneys work on behalf of the consumer. By holding manufacturers accountable for the damage and working to change the laws we are able to help our clients achieve desirable results. The attorneys at Gruenberg Law are experts at investigating and litigating the types of negligence that can lead to serious injuries.

  • Auto Defects: When a restraint system breaks or fails to deploy, or when a vehicle rolls over because of bad design or a manufacturing defect, the injuries can be catastrophic.
  • False Labeling: Failure to provide adequate instructions or warn of possible side effects can cause problems with how to use a product – in particular with the safe use of a product.
  • Medical Devices: When a medical device fails, the injuries can be painful, serious and permanent.
  • Pharmaceutical Litigation: When a dangerous drug doesn’t do what it claims, or makes your health decline, the injuries can be irreversible.
  • Recreational Products: The products that make life enjoyable should be safe to use.
  • Dockless Scooters: An inherently flawed design or poor maintenance can cause life-changing, disabling injuries.
  • Medical Devices – An instrument, apparatus or machine that is defective.
  • Defective drugs or products:       Family members of persons who were harmed by drugs or products while using them as intended or prescribed may be able to sue the manufacturer.

We have the resources and the necessary experts to litigate product liability cases. Contact us to discuss a possible case with the experts at Gruenberg Law. San Diego Personal Injury Attorneys for over 25 years.