Report Employer Wrongdoing? We Can Protect Your Rights

Your conscience tells you to do the right thing—to come forward with complaints involving injuries, safety concerns, or other protected activity at your place of employment.  If you haven’t yet reported the circumstances to your employer, contact us and we’ll help you protect yourself against potential whistleblower retaliation.  There are both state and federal laws that protect whistleblowers from retaliation by their employer.

Holding Employers Accountable For Violating the Rights of Whistleblowers

You may have a whistleblower claim if you:

  • Were punished by your employer for reporting their unlawful conduct to authorities
  • Had your wages withheld or changed after making your employer aware of issues present in the workplace
  • Countless other situations where the employer retaliated against you after you engaged in lawful and protected conduct

State and federal laws do provide a whistleblower with rights, but you need to assert them before you will be protected. Josh Gruenberg and his team at Gruenberg Law have the experience and track record of proven results to maximize the outcome of your whistleblower case.