Holding Employers Responsible For Discrimination in the Workplace

If you have been treated unfairly in the workplace, Gruenberg Law is there for you through all stages of litigation.  You can rely on our unparalleled experience to help protect your rights and hold responsible those who have harmed you.  We may even be able to hold your employer responsible for punitive damages.

Age Discrimination:  In Employment, Age Should Not Be a Factor

Age should not be a factor in any adverse employment action. When people over 40 are denied employment opportunities, promotions or raises at a higher rate than those under 40; employers may be engaging in age discrimination.

At Gruenberg Law, our employment law attorneys take employers to court to remind them of their obligations under the ADEA, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act. And the DFEH, the Department of Fair Employment and Housing Act.

Disability Discrimination:  Can the Employee Do the Job?

Can the employee do the job? That is a key question that should concern an employer. Far too often an employer will focus on the disability rather than the capability of an employee. Another key question is:  Can the employee do the job if the employer provides a reasonable accommodation. It is against the law for employers to treat employees poorly because of their medical condition or disability.  Further, employers are under a legal duty to provide reasonable accommodations to employees. If your employer has violated these duties, please call Gruenberg Law.

The employment law attorneys at Gruenberg Law in San Diego know that many decisions in the workplace are made on the basis of an employer’s perceptions rather than on the reality of an employee’s abilities. Those perceptions and actions could be considered disability discrimination.

Gender Discrimination:  The Law vs. the Reality of Gender Discrimination

When it comes to gender discrimination, employers know the law. They say the right words, but the “glass ceiling,” particularly in the private sector, often remains in place.

Do the employer’s actions match the Employer’s policies?

When we investigate gender discrimination cases or cases where the Employer has violated the Equal Pay Act, Gruenberg Law looks beyond what employers say about hiring and promotion to see what they do. Every employer will admit to having policies and procedures mandating a gender discrimination-free work environment.  But what do their actions show?  Is the Human Resources Department afraid to do its job because they are afraid of being terminated?

  • In many cases, the employer decides to hire or promote a specified number of women to give a perception of fairness.
  • Often a pattern emerges over time.  If you are a woman and you have been left behind in pay or promotion, call us! We can make it right and get you the pay and justice you deserve.

LGBT Issues:  Emphasis Belongs on Ability, Not Sexual Orientation

As with many discrimination issues, employers should be concerned with whether someone can perform the job, not what the person’s sexual orientation may be? As LGBT issues have become more visible in society, LGBT issues have also become more visible at work.

Sexual orientation — lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender — has nothing to do with the ability or inability to perform a job. At Gruenberg Law in San Diego we represent people who have been denied a job, a promotion or a raise based on LGBT discrimination.

Racial & Ethnic Discrimination: Workplace Race Discrimination-Discovering the Truth

Racial discrimination and ethnic discrimination may be difficult to prove for one reason — employers know that it is against the law and make every effort to deny or hide race discrimination in the workplace.

The employment law attorneys at Gruenberg Law in San Diego explore the patterns and practices that can reveal race discrimination. One employee’s experience with race discrimination may not be an isolated incident. More discrimination usually lies beneath the surface.

We will review your unique situation and help you learn more about the laws in California and at the federal level that may apply to your discrimination claim. To discuss a possible discrimination claim contact us.  We have represented clients in San Diego for over 25 years.