Daphne A.M. Delvaux


Daphne is a senior trial attorney at Gruenberg Law. She is passionate about employee advocacy and corporate accountability. She fiercely fights for justice in the workplace.

She has an LL.M from Thomas Jefferson School of Law in addition to law degrees from universities in Canada, France and the Netherlands. During law school, she worked part-time as a TV reporter and ballet instructor. Daphne is trilingual in English, Dutch and French.

Prior to her work at Gruenberg Law, she worked in environmental law and civil rights, representing victims of torture and excessive force. She then turned to employment law because she believes everyone is entitled to a fair workplace.

At Gruenberg Law, Daphne’s notable cases include: a $667,000 sexual harassment settlement against the former Mayor of San Diego, Bob Filner; a $1,200,000 racial discrimination case on behalf of two African-American food factory workers; a $795,000 equal pay settlement; a $350,000 settlement for sexual assault; and a $1,000,000 settlement for a pregnancy discrimination case.

In addition, Mr. Gruenberg and Daphne won an equal pay jury trial resulting in almost $500,000 in damages and fees. For this trial, she was awarded the Outstanding Trial Lawyer Award, elected by her peers through the Consumer Attorneys of San Diego.

Daphne regularly lectures on workers’ rights in the community. She also spearheaded an initiative to bring lawyers to a safehouse for sex trafficking victims, to provide mentorship and trainings.

As a working mom, Daphne is no stranger to the challenges women face in the workplace. When her son Matteo was just a few months old, Daphne succeeded at a three-week jury trial on behalf of a disabled veteran. In between opening argument and examining witnesses, she would sneak into the Judge’s supply closet to express breast milk. The trial ended in a $500,000 result for the employee.

Daphne regularly brings her son to work where he has become known as the “office baby.” Now, at two years old, he is using his own advocacy skills to object to eating vegetables and taking naps.